Do I need a USDOT?

If you own and operate a commercial vehicle and either transport passengers or haul cargo using interstate commerce, you must have a USDOT (US Department of Transportation) number. USDOT Number is a unique number given to your company after you register with the Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration. To find out more about USDOT number and to see if you need one check out this link.

A USDOT number is not only a federal regulation but is required by most states as well.

USDOT Required If involved in interstate commerce and:

  • commercial vehicles used for the transportation of hazardous materials requiring safety permits
  • commercial vehicles used for the transportation of 9 or more passengers (driver included) for pay
  • commercial vehicles used for the transportation of 16 or more passengers (not for payment)
  • The commercial vehicle has a GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) rating greater than 10,000 pounds (4,536 kg).

All you need to get started doing any transportation business is get your USDOT number and comply with federal regulations.

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For more help with commercial vehicle USDOT compliance, check out this link. ¹


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