Custom Truck Decals

Increase the brand exposure with weatherproof commercial truck lettering and use our tools to design your custom truck decal within a few minutes.

Commercial truck lettering isn’t a new term. It’s a crucial part of traditional and modern advertisements and business needs it.  Truck Sign has redefined the creativity and offers custom truck decals and commercial truck lettering services. Basically, truck lettering referring the process in which numbers, graphics, and letters are added to a thin vinyl sheet and then cut out to paste on the truck windows with the help of transfer tape. The amount of transfer tape to be used depends on the size of the lettering. It’s used on tinted as well as on the painted surface.

Exclusive Features of Our Commercial Truck Lettering

We offer exclusive features for its commercial truck lettering and provides second to none products to its customers. Here are some amazing features to get when buying custom truck decals from us.

  • Long Lasting

Quality is very dear to us and we never compromise over it in any way. We use premium products in the manufacturing of the stickers which make it long lasting. It never cracks or fades way and lasts over a decade irrespective of its excess outdoor use.

  • Effortless Installation

The installation process is very easy and takes just a few minutes. The per-masked vinyl lettering is very adhesive and once you peel off the back mask, it firmly sticks to the window and stays there over the years.

  • Weather and UV Resistant

Rain, storms, and all sorts of weather circumstances never affect custom truck decals. They stay bright and unaffected for years as they are designed to withstand and maintain their hues and quality.

  • Never Damage Window

Commercial truck lettering is absolutely harmless for truck paint and its windows. Always follow the recommended method to remove the sticker to ensure maximum safety.

How to Install Commercial Truck Littering?

  • Clean the surface thoroughly where you want to paste the sticker.
  • Apply masking tape horizontally and create a hinge.
  • Remove the back liner. Be careful, don’t expose adhesive to the surface.
  • Place the lettering onto the surface and remove air by dragging your hand from the center of the graphics to the outward.
  • Slowly remove pre-masking tape and remove any remaining air bubbles.